Fairly Odd Parents?

We think so.

Addict Father (28). Abusive Mother (22). However, both adjectives do not define the parents.

We’re two young people in love and decided to start this blog because a close friend planted the seed in our head and we also realised that we probably defy societal constructs of what we should be as a young man and woman, as parents and as believers of the God of our own understanding. Here’s a small list of some of the things we’re probably supposed to be but are definitely NOT.

  • Defs supposed to be married before having sex
  • Neither one of us should be an addict – This doesn’t mean we’re using drugs and alcohol guys, lol. 
  • Definitely not supposed to have a girlfriend that physically and verbally abuses her man  – She would love to justify this but she’s thrown a slap or two or three or four and spitefully insult the man (publicising this put a knot in my throat)
  • What’s a child got to do with it? – (He is the light between us)
  • Probably should have a five year plan to get our lives together

We have a child so obviously any religious organisation would struck us down with a heavy punishment because we’ve had sex. Note: The God of our understanding is not a
“go-stand-in-the-corner-because-you’re-disobedient” God. He is more the “well-you’ve-disobeyed-there-are-consequences-you-have-to-live-with-but-you’re-not-alone-I-will-help-you-deal”  Get the difference?

1 in 5 South Africans is an addict. Addiction is a real and tragic disease we are not educated about and millions are suffering at the hand of ignorance. This means that an addict is your neighbor, brother, sister, parent, colleague, friend, boss, yourself. Addiction is not misbehaviour and a junky disease exclusively packaged for the homeless man/woman begging for food & money. 

This is the first public admission to abuse in our relationship. Men are not the only trashy humans? She is too. Her anger is dramatic and spiteful & extremely misguided. She is worse than a nuclear bomb but we’re working through it.

Our child has awesome parents who love him. He has been a light in the midst of darkness and he has saved our lives.

We don’t make plans beyond today. It’s so liberating, you should try it?

See? Social media & pictures paint a perfect picture but we’re heavily flawed just like you. We are also spiritual beings of love and light, students who are open to discipline and guidance, partners who support each other but never to the detriment of the individual’s soul.

We live a life of Hope, Faith & Courage.